Retainer Fee Summary:

$75 per hour per Investigator | 0.75 cents mile | Drive Time to/from zip 33314

By accepting our terms and conditions you acknowledgement of our Retainer agreement and Open Billing Contract Credit Card Authorization and Open Billing Agreement.

Due to the nature of Investigation Services client acknowledges that no guarantees can be made as to the outcome of any investigation service and all fees are non-refundable, 7% percent State of Florida Services Sales Tax will be added as required by law Florida Administrative Code 12a10092.

By accepting the terms I authorize Fast Affordable Investigations, INC (A1400282) to process a charge on the above account for a single payment and subsequent due in full of an invoice.


Any fees incurred due to a chargeback or dispute will be in addition to amount due, Chargeback fee plus any additional costs incurred including attorney fees collection agency fees and investigator and office time research will become due and payable in the event of any chargeback.

Open balances of 1 or more past due will be automatically drafted and deposited for payment in full. Credit Card number will be held as a payment guarantee on an Open Billing Agreement.

I authorize FAST AFFORDABLE INVESTIGATIONS INC. to charge my credit card 1 day from the invoice date if payment is not satisfied. Any outstanding charges will be charged accepted and honored by client.

Any disputes will be handled in the court of law in Broward County and client understands that no chargebacks or disputes will be honored with the credit company THEFT OF SERVICE OR CHARGEBACK Failure to pay for services rendered by FAST AFFORDABLE INVESTIGATIONS INC. by client will result in the filing of Theft of Services charges in the appropriate jurisdiction.

All fees incurred including attorney fees court costs and collection costs will be added to the total of outstanding invoices. All court cases will be filed in the Jurisdiction of Broward County FL.

Should Account not be Paid the Client assumes all costs of Collections including but not limited to Court Costs Interest 4.5 percent and all Legal Fees Final Terms: Due to the nature of investigation no guarantee can be made as to the outcome of any services. All fees are non-refundable.

Please be advised that an investigator will now been scheduled for your case and no other jobs will be booked for that investigator Client acknowledges that due to the scheduling of an investigator no refunds will be allowed Client acknowledges they have read and accepted the FAST AFFORDABLE INVESTIGATIONS INC. Retainer Services Open Billing Agreement that is to be considered legal and an original.

Fast Affordable Investigations, INC

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