Employment Background Reports


As an employer, your bottom line comes down to the employees you hire. At Orlando Private Investigators we can perform a full comprehensive report on a potential employee. We can perform criminal and civil background checks, credit reports, verify address and driving record. We can also look into other companies the employee has worked at in the past and how long they have worked there.  The information we provide is vital to a successful business or project. 


As a potential employee, we can perform a comprehensive background check on your self. This allows you to take the report we provide you so you can submit it along with your resume. With the 100’s of resumes that employers get with every job posting, adding an already done background report will help push your resume to the top of their list. Plus, if there is anything in your background that might not be flattering, you will be able to address it before the employer can judge you on it and show that you are an honest individual. 


Are you a business or home owner? We can also report on contractors that you potentially hire. We can make sure they have a valid license, look to see what type of reviews have been written about them, and can even contact others who will give the contractor a reference. 


Orlando Private investigators specialize in getting accurate, fast and creditable information so you can make a good decision, no matter what the situation is.  

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