Bank and Asset Searches


What exactly are you looking for when inquiring an asset search? Are you an attorney trying to collect a judgment or looking to start a lawsuit? Are you a creditor trying to get information on a debtor? Do you want to invest with a company and need their financial stability? Do you need to find assets before probate? Or are you looking for lost moneys.  At Orlando Private Investigators we can perform these perches within the law to get the information you need.


What information can you achieve by perform these searches?

  • Finding real property
  • Personal property such as; automobiles, boats, airplanes; collectible assets, such as art, antiques, stamps, coins, and jewelry.
  • Off shore assets
  • Financial assets such as bank and brokerage accounts


These searches can be costly and are usually done when a lot of money is at stake. With Orlando Private Investigators we offer a free consultation and discuss what actual information you need in order for you to budget yourself or company.


These types of searches can take some to complete. But weather you are looking for local assets, US assets or off shore assets we will be able to find the information you are seeking.

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