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We have years of experience. Our team consists of male and female private investigators serving Orlando Florida.

Orlando Private Investigator, INC

We are a Private Investigation agency located in Orlando, Florida
We can help get solutions for your problems and you will have peace knowing everything is confidential.


What should I be aware of when hiring a private investigator?

Orlando Private Investigators has advice for you… A licensed private investigator with 20 years of experience can help you get the results you are looking for. To protect yourself from those private investigation agencies that lack the experience you need,

consider the following….

  • Verify your Orlando, Florida private investigator actually has a valid, active PI
    license. This way you as the client will know that appropriate background checks
    have been given by the state and that the company is in good standing.


  •  Private Investigators are not like the investigators you see on television.
    To better understand the challenges facing real Orlando private investigators, that
    work in the areas of Winter Park, Winter Gardens, College Park, Lake Nona,
    Celebration, Ovedio and Baldwin Park consider the following….

When you are serious about proceeding with an investigation, be prepared to
provide as much information as possible. This will not only increase your chances of positive results in your investigation, but also save you money. Private investigators are not above the law. We must obey the state of Florida law but the laws of Orange County.

Understand that there are certain circumstances beyond our control.
As an experienced FL private investigator, we know how to minimize the effect
of these circumstances.

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Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated, seasoned and professional employees are happy to assist you with free advice for any of your PI quetstions and the field experience to effectively execute any strategy that will get you the information you need confidentially.

Personal Background Check

We will give you quick 100% accurate reports exposing Social Media, Photos, Police Records, Criminal Records, Arrests, Civil Judgments, Contact Information and Much More!


Marital Infidelity / Cheating Spouse

Our team is comprised of licensed, private investigators specializing in Surveillance, Marital Infidelity Investigations & Cheating Spouse Investigations. We will get the job done.


Child Custody Investigations

The right of determining the residence, protection, care, and education of a minor child or children, especially in a divorce or separation.


Bank & Asset Searches

Research is conducted for bank accounts, stocks, bonds, FEIN, and Social Security numbers


GPS Tracking

An electronic system that uses navigational satellites to determine the position of a vehicle.



Continuous observation of a place, person, group, or ongoing activity in order to gather information.


Pre Employment Background Report

The report your employer could have compiled on you


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Our Team
"We are an affordable local Private Investigation agency serving Orlando, Florida. Located in Orange County"
Fast Affordable Investigations, INC

Orlando Private Investigator

Do you need an investigator in the Orlando, Orange County area?

We are an affordable local Private Investigation agency serving the city or Orlando, in Orange County Florida.

We offer male and female, local, experienced Private Investigators.

Our specialties include video & photo surveillance of a cheating spouse, partner, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Our video surveillance is top notch which includes a confidential video and professional private investigator written reports – if requested. In addition, our Investigation Service offers High-Tech, Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking, Child Custody and Support Investigations, Alimony Reduction, Attorney Services, Full Comprehensive Background checks, Asset and Bank Searches, and Mobile Notary Public Services.


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Orlando Investigation Services Offered:

        • High Quality Confidential Video and Photo’s
        • Cheating Wife Husband Investigation
        • Cheating Boyfriend Girlfriend Cheating Spouse

Investigations Child Custody & Support Dispute Background – Criminal – Searches Alimony Reduction Attorney Lawyer Services GPS Vehicle Tracking Units Internet Dating

Highly Confidential – Professional Fast Service

Surveillance is not as easy as it appears. You can not just follow someone in your car and
hope they wont notice you. If you are spotted then you've drastically reduced your chance
for success. If your target is alerted they become much more aware of their surroundings
making it difficult to keep track of their whereabouts. ..
As a Florida Private Investigator, we have other solutions to get the results you need. We
can offer GPS Tracking or provide Skip Tracing to try and narrow down where the
subject might be. We might need to provide you with more than one investigator. Of
course, the more information you can provide the investigator the more cost effective and
get quicker results.

Life and relationships can get complicated. Hire Orlando Private Investigators to help
you get the answers you need. Let us help you in the most discreet and cost effective

Fast Affordable Investigations, INC

We welcome you to contact us for a confidential conversation concerning your PI needs.